Teddy Scares: Graphic Novel

Created by Dren Productions LLC

The horrifying comic about Teddy Bears thrown away by their owners and their adventures at the garbage dump.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Going Great!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Feb 15, 2023 at 09:01:42 AM

Hey all,

Thanks again! You guys rock!

We passed another stretch goal. So, those digital wallpapers are yours! That's a magnet and digital wallpapers so far. How much more will we get? We have to keep going to see?

We can, however, give you our next stretch goal! Here it is!

That's right! We have a postcard-sized print for you guys featuring some of our awesome artwork!

What's next? Stay tuned!!!!

We have a cool comic to share with you that we think you might like. It's the third issue, but don't worry if you don't have the previous issues, you can get them here too!

The project is called Sunmaker, and we have read the first parts, and can attest that this is a cool book!

A great cataclysm has left the world concealed in snow and ice. To protect what was left of their culture, the Sunmakers sealed themselves away from the doomed world. Now their numbers have dwindled, and Tibhan, the last of the Sunmakers, must risk everything by returning to the desolate wastes to fuel the fire that preserves his people's essence.

Even if the cost is great and unthinkable.

Head on over and check it out! You won't be disappointed!

And then, this one is just all sorts of awesome! Part 2, but again, you can get part 1 here too!

The series is a direct sequel to FRANKENSTEIN, picking up immediately after the events of Mary Shelley's novel. This is the monster as Shelley wrote him: intelligent and sensitive, with super-human speed and strength. No Boris Karloff grunting and shambling here...

But don't worry! You don't need to have read the novel first--we provide a recap--but if you're a fan, there are plenty of nods to the source material.

I mean, look at it. How can you not want to check it out.

Thank all!


Great first Day!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Feb 14, 2023 at 04:15:08 PM

Hey all,

Want to start off by saying a great big THANK YOU! As a reward for jumping in here early, we are going to give you all a special PDF that has a whole bunch of behind the scenes stuff! That's going to come a little later, but trust me, you'll love it. 

So, Teddy Scares Day 1 has been awesome. And that's thanks to all of you! We say this all the time, and it never becomes less true. We truly appreciate all of you and we want to thank you. Without you, these projects wouldn't be possible. So, truly and deeply, thank you!

That being said, we've hit our very modest goal, and we are moving right along, so we have 2 stretch goals to announce for you this evening. One of them, we've already unlocked, and the other, we are getting close to!

Here take a look!

So, as you can see, we have the logo magnet that all physical backers will find with their books when they're shipped, and we are going to include a wallpaper pack for all our backers as well!

What's next? Well, we'll just have to wait and see! 

Thanks all!