Teddy Scares: Graphic Novel

Created by Dren Productions LLC

The horrifying comic about Teddy Bears thrown away by their owners and their adventures at the garbage dump.

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Meet Some More Bears
7 months ago – Thu, Feb 23, 2023 at 01:30:50 PM

Hey there,

We told you we'd be back to introduce some more of the characters! So, here they are!

We're closing in on that next stretch goal, let's get over that hump and grab that bookmark!

This one you need to check out... and now! There's only a few hours left on it! But it is one that really needs to be seen. The story and art both look great!

Night is Falling is described as "Scooby Doo" meets "Salem’s Lot" in this spooky tale set in 1970's New England.

Set during the hot New England summer of 1977, NIGHT IS FALLING VOLUME 1 collects the first act of a spooky, diverse, "cozy horror" graphic novel series centering around a neighborhood of outcast teens who join forces to thwart a silent encroaching vampiric menace that is mysteriously lurking in their town.

Thanks all!


Meet the Teddy Scares (Part 1)
7 months ago – Wed, Feb 22, 2023 at 04:48:49 AM

Before we introduce you to a couple of our Teddy Scares, we wanted to let you know that you guys have pushed us over the $3k mark and so we've now unlocked that animated cover!!!

And then we're moving onto the next stretch goal! What is it you ask? Well, take a look!

Exciting stuff! We have about 6 days to go! I know we can hit that goal!!!

That being said, we wanted to introduce you to a couple of our Teddy Scares. This is the first part, we will introduce a couple more in a future update. But we wanted to show you just who some of these scary teddies are!

That being said, we also have a couple of other projects to share with you!

The first one is called Eternal Beat, and it looks really cool! But if we had to say just one thing about it, we'd say to go and check out the art, because the interiors look amazing!

Jazmine Lawrence was once a young aspiring songwriter with big dreams of making her mark in the music world. But fate had other plans that would lead to a path into the world of night…For Eternity. Enter her world and read about Jazmine’s origin, her encounter with Bianca Bordeaux, and have a glimpse of her stage show as an immortal vampire. If this concept finds support, this spin off story within the world of Bridgeport Chronicles may turn into a longer series. Future projects are being considered telling the origin stories of other characters within this story universe as well including Lilith Bridgeport and Viktoira Valentina.

Head on over and check it out!

Then we have one that we've recommended before. if you like scary, creepy, gory, this is one for you! It's by our friends at Comix Tribe, and it's an ongoing series called Sink! Haven't seen it yet? Well, get the whole collection with this Kickstarter!

Chrissie Woods is an old woman now, but she’s still haunted by her childhood encounter with a local legend known as Iron Tooth Jack, the Gorbals Vampire. Seven-foot tall, a mouth full of metal fangs, an evil older than the blue van clowns or many of the other terrors that lurk in the shadows of Glasgow. An evil most have dismissed or forgotten. But when a her neighbor's child goes missing, Chrissie becomes convinced that Ol' Iron Tooth Jack is back.

Seriously, head on over and give this one a look.

Thanks all!


More Stuff For You!
8 months ago – Fri, Feb 17, 2023 at 09:52:05 AM

Congrats! You guys are awesome!

We've hit that newest stretch goal, and we're moving on to the next!

So, all physical backers now will be getting themselves a special mini-print! YAY!!!

Now, I know this image looks the same below, but it's for something different. That animated cover that we have on our social media and on the Kickstarter page... well, it's yours when we hit the $3,000 mark! We have it as an animated GIF as well as an MP4 file that we will be happy to send to you!

What's after that? Only way to find out is to unlock this goal!

We have another cool one for you. Part 2 of the series, and we can say that part was was definitely worth the read! Don't have part 1 yet? Don't worry, you can get it here!

The kidnapping of a child with unknown powers sparks a war between two warring corporations in a world forged of magic and technology.

The mercenary Kenzo is tasked with an unusual mission: kidnap a baby! Not just any baby, though, one whose existence can shift the seat of power in the sprawling metropolis.

In the Land of the Dragon is a cyberpunk comic book set in a world not unlike our own, except that magic exists as an equal force with science and is used to start - or finish - wars that devastate this world.

Seriously, give it a look.

Then we have a very classic-looking comic that looks like a lot of fun!

Welcome to The Crimebusters, an ongoing adventure series about a team of student sleuths who investigate supernatural mysteries! In issue #5, Chuck, Trixie, and Vera have to spend a deadly night at the museum when cultists use dark magic to bring the displays to life. Experience... "Mayhem in the Museum!"

If I had to compare this to anything, I'd have to say Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. No matter what, you should give this one a look.

Head on over and check it out!

Thanks all!


Going Great!
8 months ago – Wed, Feb 15, 2023 at 09:01:42 AM

Hey all,

Thanks again! You guys rock!

We passed another stretch goal. So, those digital wallpapers are yours! That's a magnet and digital wallpapers so far. How much more will we get? We have to keep going to see?

We can, however, give you our next stretch goal! Here it is!

That's right! We have a postcard-sized print for you guys featuring some of our awesome artwork!

What's next? Stay tuned!!!!

We have a cool comic to share with you that we think you might like. It's the third issue, but don't worry if you don't have the previous issues, you can get them here too!

The project is called Sunmaker, and we have read the first parts, and can attest that this is a cool book!

A great cataclysm has left the world concealed in snow and ice. To protect what was left of their culture, the Sunmakers sealed themselves away from the doomed world. Now their numbers have dwindled, and Tibhan, the last of the Sunmakers, must risk everything by returning to the desolate wastes to fuel the fire that preserves his people's essence.

Even if the cost is great and unthinkable.

Head on over and check it out! You won't be disappointed!

And then, this one is just all sorts of awesome! Part 2, but again, you can get part 1 here too!

The series is a direct sequel to FRANKENSTEIN, picking up immediately after the events of Mary Shelley's novel. This is the monster as Shelley wrote him: intelligent and sensitive, with super-human speed and strength. No Boris Karloff grunting and shambling here...

But don't worry! You don't need to have read the novel first--we provide a recap--but if you're a fan, there are plenty of nods to the source material.

I mean, look at it. How can you not want to check it out.

Thank all!


Great first Day!
8 months ago – Tue, Feb 14, 2023 at 04:15:08 PM

Hey all,

Want to start off by saying a great big THANK YOU! As a reward for jumping in here early, we are going to give you all a special PDF that has a whole bunch of behind the scenes stuff! That's going to come a little later, but trust me, you'll love it. 

So, Teddy Scares Day 1 has been awesome. And that's thanks to all of you! We say this all the time, and it never becomes less true. We truly appreciate all of you and we want to thank you. Without you, these projects wouldn't be possible. So, truly and deeply, thank you!

That being said, we've hit our very modest goal, and we are moving right along, so we have 2 stretch goals to announce for you this evening. One of them, we've already unlocked, and the other, we are getting close to!

Here take a look!

So, as you can see, we have the logo magnet that all physical backers will find with their books when they're shipped, and we are going to include a wallpaper pack for all our backers as well!

What's next? Well, we'll just have to wait and see! 

Thanks all!